Our commitments

Our commitments

Patent Attorneys, a regulated profession

High level legal and technical training

All members of the MED’INVENT Consulting patent team have professional qualifications validated during a qualifying examination.

Safeguarding the interests entrusted by our customers, a priority

Sensitive to the professional rules of the councils and specialists in Intellectual Property, the Patent Attorneys of MED’INVENT Consulting exercise their functions with dignity, conscience, independence and probity.

The relationship of trust with our customers, an essential ingredient

In accordance with Article R422-54 1 CPI, our IP Attorneys abstain in the same matter of advising, assisting or representing clients with opposing interests.

In addition, our Patent Attorneys are forbidden, without the consent of the rights holders, to challenge in any administrative or judicial proceedings, the intrinsic validity of an intellectual property title that they themselves would have helped to obtain for one of their clients, except to declare a forfeiture or foreclosure.

Patent Attorney, the key confidant for the client

In any matter, in accordance with the provisions of Article L.422-11 of the Intellectual Property Code, the documents in the file and in particular the consultations addressed by a Patent Attorney to their client or intended for them, the correspondence between the client and their Patent Attorney, as well as exchanges between colleagues and with a lawyer are covered by professional secrecy and must remain confidential.
This professional secrecy falls within the framework and with the limits imposed by the general legislative and regulatory conditions.

Our professional independence in all circumstances

The Patent Attorney, whatever the manner of exercising his profession, must never alienate his professional independence. In particular, they must not acquire any financial interest in any intellectual property right in circumstances that give rise to a conflict between their professional obligations and their interest.

Even in their assignments relating to the transfer of technology and intellectual property rights or in their trademark creation missions, they cannot perform any act likely to give commercial character to their activities.

The Firm is a member of:

  • National Company of Industrial Property Attorneys (CNCPI)
  • The Institute of Professional Representatives (EPI) at the European Patent Office (OEB)
  • The Professional Chamber of the Council – Provence (CPC -P)

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Rules of Procedure of CNCPI